Chillers are machines used in residential and commercial air conditioning, industrial process cooling, and other processes where refrigerant cools a secondary fluid which is circulated out to the load.

NRI supplies refrigerants for low and high pressure chillers as well as propylene glycol used as the secondary fluid.

Refrigerants Used in Chillers

Low Pressure

High Pressure

Propylene Glycol

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Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV)

Variable Refrigerant Volume HVAC systems are the fastest growing market in the industry. VRV systems operate like chillers in that refrigerant circulates throughout the piping instead of a secondary fluid. This allows for installation in large buildings as well as small. Early VRV systems used R-22. Newer systems use R-410A. Manufacturers are looking to use lower GWP and A2L refrigerants such as R-32 in new systems.

Refrigerants Used in VRV

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Commercial Package Units

Commercial package air conditioners and heat pumps have been the standard for large installations for many decades. Many older R-22 systems are still in operation. NRI offers R-22 and R-410A for servicing existing installations. R-407C, R-422B, and R-422D can be used to convert package units from R-22.

Refrigerants Used in Commercial Package Units

Refrigerants Used to Retrofit or Convert Commercial Package Units

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Commercial Split Systems

Commercial split air conditioners and heat pumps are used when the air handler or indoor unit is installed separately from the condensing unit. This is usually done because a package unit is not practical. A large installed base of systems charged with R-22 exists. New air conditioners use R-410A or R-407C. For customers
wanting to convert R-22 machines, R-407C is the best choice. R-422B and R-422D can also be used but an oil
change is required for any conversion it a HFC.

Refrigerants Used in Commercial Splits

Refrigerants Used to Retrofit or Convert Commercial Splits

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Residential Split Systems

Residential air conditioners and heat pumps have traditionally used R-22 as the refrigerant. With the phaseout of R-22 complete, users of these older systems need to make choices when a leak occurs and refrigerant needs to be added. The supply of R-22 is good and is still the best solution for servicing units designed for it. For customers who want to convert for financial or other reasons, NRI offers several alternatives that can be used.
Newer systems use R-410A which is offered at any NRI location.

Refrigerants Used in Residential Splits

Refrigerants Used to Retrofit or Convert Residential Splits

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Self-Contained Air Conditioners

Self-contained air conditioners and heat pumps include window air conditioners, thru-the wall units, Comfort Pack units and package terminal air conditioners (PTAC). Manufacturers discontinued making units with R-22 in 2010 but an enormous installed base still exists. Newer units use R-410A, and R-32 has been approved for use in window units and PTAC’s. NRI has refrigerant solutions for any self-contained air conditioner and can assist customers with conversions from R-22.

Refrigerants used in Self Contained

Refrigerants Used to Convert Self Contained

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