Reliable Recovery Containers
That Meet Your Needs

NRI offers a variety of U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) approved recovery containers designed to meet most refrigerant recovery needs including cylinders for pressurized and very high pressure refrigerants and steel drums for low pressure refrigerants.

Recovery Containers
In a Range of Sizes

We offer recovery containers for a variety of needs – including pressurized recovery cylinders, recovery drums and very high pressure recovery cylinders – which come in a variety of sizes.



Download our Recovery Containers Guide to see which sizes we have available and to view our container usage guidelines.

NRI EZ One-Shot™ Guide

EZ ONE-SHOT™ cylinders use DOT-39 disposable cylinder technology to provide an inexpensive, lightweight cylinder for use in one-time fill recovery situations.

One-Time Fill

One-time fill means that once refrigerant has been put into the cylinder and then removed, the cylinder may no longer be used for further recovery operations. It must be scrapped or disposed of properly. Recovering refrigerant with an EZ ONE-SHOT™ recovery cylinder is considered the first filling operation.Recovery from several units, one after the other, until the cylinder is full represents one filling operation (for example, a dedicated shop machine).

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