Cylinder of 454B covering composition GWP oil and application

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Cylinder of 454B covering composition GWP oil and application

Composition: 68.9% R32 / 31.1% R1234yf

Preferred Oil:  POE

Application: Residential and commercial A/C

Replaces: R-410A

Are you seeking an innovative refrigerant solution that combines sustainability, efficiency, and performance? Look no further than R-454B, the cutting-edge refrigerant poised to revolutionize cooling systems across industries.

R-454B represents a significant advancement in refrigeration technology, offering a lower global warming potential (GWP) while delivering superior performance compared to traditional refrigerants. With an ultra-low GWP of less than 150, R-454B is engineered to meet the stringent environmental regulations, ensuring compliance with the latest sustainability standards.

But its benefits extend beyond environmental considerations. R-454B boasts excellent energy efficiency, enabling businesses to reduce operational costs while minimizing their carbon footprint. Its optimized thermodynamic properties translate to enhanced system performance, providing reliable cooling predominately in residential and commercial A/C systems.

Moreover, R-454B prioritizes safety, adhering to strict industry standards to ensure the protection of both people and equipment. Its stable chemical composition and reliable performance make it a trusted choice for manufacturers, contractors, and end-users alike.

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