Banking and Reclamation Services

NRI was one of the first AHRI certified reclamation facilities and is now the largest independent reclamation
facility in the world. Continuous quality assurance programs and adherence to strict standards at NRI can
turn a potential liability into a valuable resource. NRI provides an economic incentive to recover and
reclaim used refrigerants and offers a cost-effective way to guarantee your future refrigerant supply.
Features of NRI's reclamation program include:

• EPA and AHRI certified facility
• Handling and processing of many mixed refrigerants
• Refrigerants reclaimed to a minimum of AHRI 700 Standards
• Refrigerant Banking Program

What Is Banking.pdf

Take advantage of NRI’s comprehensive Banking Program.
Details are outlined in the following pages:

> NRI-Banking-Guidelines.pdf
> NRI-Banking_AcceptanceSpec.pdf

Details for participation in NRI’s Refrigerant Reclamation Program
are outlined in the following pages:

> NRI-RefReclamProgram.pdf
> NRI-RecRef-ParticInstruct.pdf